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The Highlight of the Year

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The Highlight of the Year

Help Make Our Sports Programs Thrive

Our students at Forest Lake Academy are exposed to many opportunities and experiences. They have the chance to compete in various sports, including basketball, soccer, golf, and volleyball. Sports are often the highlight of a high school experience. Having this as an out can offer numerous benefits to FLA students.

Our student-athletes develop many essential skills and attributes by being involved in a team environment that must work together to accomplish a goal. These include teamwork, leadership, level-headedness, respect, good sportsmanship, and persistence. Sports programs also provide relief from everyday life. Sports are both physically and emotionally positive activities at any age.

To maintain our athletic programs, we require support from the generosity of people like you. Running a sports team requires effort, resources, and funding. We believe that offering an opportunity for students to express their athletic abilities can have overwhelming benefits, but these benefits come with a cost. Let’s support varsity sports and help make the athletic program the year's highlight.